Team Carma

There are lots of things we could explain to you about translating and interpreting, but it’s best to begin with a bit of maths…

In other words, at Carma our goal is to find the point where quality, time and price meet!


We understand that it’s quite annoying to come this far and not see any numbers… Please forgive us!

The fact of the matter is that our rates depend on a number of factors: languages, project size, degree of difficulty, urgency, etc.

As a result, the price per word is determined based on the client and the type of project.

When we prepare a quote, we base it on the total number of words in the original document when we can count them using computer software.

When this is not possible, we calculate the project price by counting the number of words in the translated document, which is always delivered in electronic format.
The only exception is sworn translations. These must be delivered as hard copies duly certified by the translator.

If you need translation or interpretation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or request a quote using this form. We’ll get back to you right away with a no-obligation quote.