As St. Jerome – our patron saint – used to say: to translate is to transfer a meaning from one language to another.

Our team of translators have a strong commitment to rendering a faithful translation while striving to achieve the most natural-sounding – i.e., idiomatic – text possible.

It is quite possible that you’ve actually had a document translated by our team in your hands without even knowing it. We have so many loyal clients!

Sworn translation

In this case, our translator acts as a notary public, swearing that the translated content is strictly faithful to the original message.

This is actually the same commitment we apply to all our translations, but in this case it’s certified by an official stamp. All our sworn translators are duly recognised by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The official translation is delivered on paper, with the relevant certification, seal and signature.

If the certified translations are short, we’re happy to offer extra copies free of charge.

What’s more, we’ll take care of organising the courier service. In fact, we’ve signed an agreement with MRW, the industry leader.