Team Carma

There are lots of things we could explain to you about translating and interpreting, but it’s best to begin with a bit of maths…

In other words, at Carma our goal is to find the point where quality, time and price meet!

We are a socially responsible company


Corporate social responsibility is important to us at Carma.
Our goal is excellence in all areas. This concept – all but meaningless nowadays through casual overuse – is nevertheless full of meaning for us.

In short, the quality of our service cannot be separated from the well-being of our team of people and from respect for our environment. That’s how we at Carma see it, and that’s our message to our clients and colleagues.

Social justice

However, being responsible also means promoting social justice.

In fact, Carma makes a monthly financial contribution to Children’s Health Defense as well as offers preferential rates to foundations and non-profit associations, among which are: