As St. Jerome – our patron saint – used to say: to translate is to transfer a meaning from one language to another.

Our team of translators have a strong commitment to rendering a faithful translation while striving to achieve the most natural-sounding – i.e., idiomatic – text possible.

It is quite possible that you’ve actually had a document translated by our team in your hands without even knowing it. We have so many loyal clients!


We do all types of translations and we do them into a wide variety of languages.

Just ask us; we’re sure we can help!

We specialise in legal, technical, literary, marketing and web page translations – among others.

We apply the same criteria to all translations, whatever their type:

A scrupulous respect for deadlines

In fact, we’ve adopted the North American saying that ‘time is money’. Undoubtedly, meeting the agreed deadline is part of the quality of the service we offer. It’s as important to work well as it is to work quickly.

Fluid contact with our clients

Generally speaking, no one knows their field better than our clients, who are looking for a very precise – even personalised – translation. This is why their knowledge and their expectations are of utmost assistance to us in delivering a finished product that will fully satisfy them.

This leads us to maximise our communication with our clients. In short, no one knows what they want better than our clients themselves.

A native speaker for each language

We firmly believe that translators must always translate into their mother tongues. Because our translators are native speakers, they are better able to ensure mastery of the target language.


We like working together as a team. That’s why our domain name is Equipocarma (Team Carma)!

Networking allows us to take a multidisciplinary approach, which is often necessary, especially in complex projects.

In fact, areas of knowledge are not self-contained compartments: good communication among team members improves efficiency and the end result.

Absolute confidentiality

Confidentiality is one of our key commitments.
All information provided by our clients is safely stored in our files.